Local SEO

Use the power of local search to drive more of what matters most to you, new customers.

Get more customers with local SEO

Nothing is more important to a local business than your customers’ experience online and in person. Ensuring they are able to call, find directions, or share kind words should be the top priority.

Researching your market and developing a strategy

We dive deep into analytics and ranking data to understand just why your site ranks where it does in local search and then map out an effective strategy for improvement.

We’ll look for opportunities to improve your website, citations, Google Business listing, and your overall presence locally. From our research, we develop a strategic plan to optimize your business to improve your local search performance to attract more customers.

Getting your business on the map

Local search optimization should be a cornerstone for your business’s online strategy. Your potential customers are searching for your services from their mobile device with a high purchase intent.

‘Near me’ searches have been on the rise for several years now. Local SEO is the key to helping customers find your business when searching.

There has been 500%+ growth in ‘near me’ mobile searches since 2015.

Think with Google

How we optimize your local presence

To help your business rank locally, our team will create individual local SEO plans for each of your locations to establish a strategy for local authority. We will:

Ensure that your critical NAP (Names / Addresses / Phone numbers) are consistent across data aggregators and directories.

Monitor your local search results and perform continued optimizations to improve your performance.

Optimize your website to meet best-practices for local SEO.

Update your Google My Business listing to standout in search results.

Maintaining your brand through online reviews

Our local marketing package includes review monitoring and automation tools to help you look your best online. Get more 5-star reviews on places like Google, Yelp, and other industry specific directories.

Our systems can use email or SMS workflows to help you reach out to customers for feedback, so you can continually improve your service. We will help you monitor your reviews in real-time so you can step in and respond to any negative feedback.

Promoting your business with Facebook Ads

Advertising on Facebook is a simple, cost-effective way to drive new customers to your doors. No, we aren’t running ads to buy your page more likes. We’re getting your brand in front of your ideal target audience to funnel more business your way.

With billions of active monthly users across Facebook and Instagram, odds are we can find your customers. Let us help you get your business in front of them.

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Monitor and Report

Our analytics team will build you a custom dashboard using Google Data Studio to give you an overview of how your campaign is performing. The dashboard will pull data in real time from Google Analytics, Google My Business, call tracking, and Facebook or Google Ads.

  • Track your keyword performance at the zip code, city, state and national level.
  • Monitor your NAP consistency across web aggregators and directories.
  • Measure leads through your website and with call tracking.
  • Report on the effect of customer reviews and ratings to see how your business is doing among your local competitors.
  • Analyze Facebook or Google Ads performance, including conversions, ROI, and engagement.

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