There's no use in collecting data if you don't understand it.

Data analysis that drives strategy

Analytics is at the center of everything we do at Pilot. Whether we’re starting an SEO campaign, managing PPC ads, or building a website, the user data we gather informs the strategy, execution, and ultimately the results of our digital marketing.

Google Analytics Consulting

Every member of our marketing team has passed the Google Analytics Individual Qualification exam and is practiced in setting up and analyzing GA accounts.

Our first step for any client is to perform a preliminary Google Analytics audit to ensure digital marketing efforts are being accurately measured. Some of our baseline configurations include:

  • Goal tracking & eCommerce configuration to measure leads, transactions, and other important user interactions.
  • Advanced segmentation to parse behavior from different user groups.
  • Custom event tracking through Google Tag Manager—lightbox form submissions, video views, click-to-call on mobile… most any action taken on your website can be tracked.
  • Defining custom audiences to improve ad targeting across platforms.
  • Custom Facebook pixel integration on landing pages to track your social advertising investment.
  • Call tracking attributes phone call leads to the correct marketing channel.

Qualitative session data

Not all data is numbers; some trends can’t be expressed with quantitative data. We use advanced qualitative data collection software—like Hotjar—to help understand and diagnose user behavior from a qualitative perspective. This software collects data in the form of:

  • Heatmaps that visually represent where users are most often clicking on any given page.
  • Scroll depth visuals show us how far the average user scrolls down on any particular page. These can be analyzed on a device-by-device basis.
  • Recordings of user sessions. When there’s a particular weak spot in the conversion funnel, we can go back and watch the tape to see exactly why users are behaving unexpectedly.

Customized reports & dashboards

Like any business, you need proof of your marketing ROI. That’s why we use Google Data Studio to send extensive, 100% customized monthly tracking reports to give you a clear snapshot of what is happening on your site. We don’t use templated reports that treat you like every other business out there—we tailor your report to show you the progress on your own unique set of business goals and KPIs.

Along with Analytics reports that highlight key metrics—traffic, user behavior, conversion rate, etc.—we create custom pay-per-click (PPC) and keyword ranking reports. These are invaluable for increasing revenue as they allow you to focus on what works, eliminating wasteful spending on ineffective efforts.

Training for data interpretation

You own all of your website’s data and reporting, we’re just here to help you collect and understand it. We give clients the agency to interpret their own data because when a client is more informed they’re better equipped to participate in their marketing, and we’re all about collaboration.

We’re happy to sit down and explain the ins and outs of your data, how to read it, and how to interpret what it spells for your business.

How we collect and analyze your data

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