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We focus on bringing you more business—not just likes and comments.

Paid social media advertising management in Chicago

We’ve developed a unique methodology to manage and optimize your business’ advertising performance on top tier social channels. We have nearly a decade of combined experience, and have managed over $100k in ad spend from various brands in the CPG, manufacturing, not-for-profit, and healthcare industries.

Valuing C.O.R.E metrics over vanity metrics

We completely understand the value of turning friends, followers, and connections into customers. However, our focus is on your Conversions, Optimization, Reach, and Engagement. When you begin to analyze your ad performance with these types of measurable objectives you’ll quickly discover a means to track effectiveness beyond “vanity metrics” (i.e. likes, shares, and comments).

Our team is on track to earn Facebook’s Blueprint Certification for proficiency in Buying and Planning

Advance your business with paid social media services

A good marketer knows you can’t rely solely on organic growth. Small and micro-sized businesses are further allocating resources to social media as they’re learning more about the targeted audiences and bespoke analytics accessible through paid social media advertising.

Facebook & Instagram ads

Facebook ads (and Instagram ads, which run on the same platform) can be inexpensive when executed effectively, even on a limited budget. With proper management, they’re a proven source of qualified traffic and more conversions. They also allow you to reach recent visitors, grow email subscribers, and learn more about your customers.

Ad account management

We will manage, optimize, and report on all the campaigns you are running on the Facebook ad platform for one price, based around your volume of spend on the platform. Our job as account manager is to improve your ad group structure while designing new ads to avoid “ad fatigue,” all with the goal of maximizing your social ROI.

Custom reporting

We do all the Facebook ads work for you, but we want you to see the value you’re getting out of social media. We create custom dashboards in Google Data Studio, pulling in data straight from your standard Facebook ad campaigns—lead campaigns, traffic campaigns, even brand awareness—so you can see how you’re performing in real-time.

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Keep your business relevant

Our team can audit your existing social media presence and form a plan based on data to move your business forward.

Our approach to paid social media management

We identify opportunities for improvement at each level of your funnel, discovering action items that improve your objectives.

Research & discovery

We begin by collecting information about your business, ad performance, and current goals on each platform. We use this time to discover a variety of opportunities for your campaign, and to form an ongoing strategy to measure success.


We utilize various AI tools, Audience Insights, and the Google Marketing Platform to craft hypertargeted audiences that improve your ad performance and increase ROI.

Campaign optimization

We analyze the relationship between your current metrics and your current campaigns. This enables us to make strategic adjustments that optimize your spend and improve results.

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