About Pilot

Purpose-driven marketing from a team of passionate professionals who care about your business.

Our Team

Rod, Partner & Director of Sales.
Rod Holmes
Partner & Director of Sales
Ben Robinson, Partner & Director of Marketing.
Ben Robinson
Partner & Director of Web
Ben Hicks, Partner & Director of SEO.
Ben Hicks
Partner & Director of SEO
Estani, PPC Manager.
Estani Laredo
PPC Manager
Seth, Lead Programmer.
Seth Schnebel
Lead Programmer
Charlie, Senior Search Strategist.
Charlie Weller
Senior Search Strategist
David, PPC Manager.
David Hardnett
PPC Manager
Nick, Lead Developer.
Nick Waldbillig
Lead Developer
Alice, Office Manager.
Alice O’Keefe
Office Manager
Victor, PPC Specialist.
Victor Kamhazi
PPC Manager
Afrodita, Web Designer.
Afrodita Hajdini
Web Designer

Our Guiding Principles

The following principles guide how Pilot navigates across all three levels of our business — at an individual level, as an organization, and with our clients.


As individuals, we care about our coworkers as people rather than as colleagues.

As an organization, Pilot is committed to the relationships it has built with employees, clients, and in our community.

With our clients, we connect with the people behind the business.


As individuals, we recognize our own intrinsic value through working here — the work we do helps us to achieve a sense of purpose professionally.

As an organization, Pilot values the parts that make up the whole. We recognize the thoughts, opinions, and contributions of our team.

With our clients, we work hard to demonstrate the value of our work, and the impact it makes for their business.


As individuals, we have the agency to do the type of work we prefer, to learn new skills we’re interested in, and to blaze our own career paths.

As an organization, Pilot is run by its employees, giving it the agency to move the company in a direction that’s agreeable to most.

With our clients, we give them the agency to make better marketing decisions.

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