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Google surprised many marketers when they announced they were sunsetting the Universal Analytics platform (UA) on July 1, 2023 and only supporting GA4 going forward. Leverage this new and powerful platform for your business with a professional GA4 installation and configuration.

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Configuring GA4 can be a complicated process, even if your company is already using Google Tag Manager. If you’re not using a tag management solution like GTM, we can still make sure you’re collecting all the data you need in GA4.

For existing GA4 properties, we perform full GA4 and GTM audits. We consider your entire analytics landscape to improve upon your GA4 setup and data collection, empowering your team to make sound business and marketing decisions.

Our GA4 configuration process

Audit GA4 & GTM – Our team will audit existing GTM containers and GA4 properties to determine what data is available to us, what data points can be added to your reporting, and which tags, triggers, and variables in GTM will require updating.

GA4 Tracking Strategy – Once we have a clear picture of the existing Google Analytics and Tag Manager setup, and have noted conversion points on the website, we can begin mapping the ideal setup for GA4. This includes things like:

  • Events and conversion tracking
  • Event parameters for GA4 custom dimensions
  • Ecommerce tracking
  • User properties, like User ID
  • Content groups
  • Custom audiences

GA4 Configuration & Deployment – We will set up your new or existing GTM container(s) and GA4 properties. We will also test and debug all new tracking. All work can be reviewed by your team for sign-off before deployment.

Reporting Set-Up – Even for those who are well-versed in using the old Google UA (Universal Analytics) for reporting, GA4’s reporting interface initially comes across as completely foreign. We can solve your team’s reporting needs by creating dashboards in Google Looker Studio and building Explorations in GA4 and so you can find the data you need.

We combined data from web, Smart TV and iOS/Android apps into one GA4 setup.

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Empowering businesses with GA4

GA4 audits & property set-ups that drive results

Our first step for any client is to perform a preliminary audit of their GA4 property or properties to get an understanding of the current configuration. Then we create a detailed plan for how to measure website performance and digital marketing efforts in the property. This plan typically includes details surrounding:

  • Conversion tracking to measure leads, forms and other important user interactions.
  • eCommerce tracking to track transactions, transaction value and items being purchased.
  • Additional event tracking through Google Tag Manager—lightbox form submissions, video views, button clicks… most any action taken on your website can be tracked.
  • User properties to track both specific users with a User ID, and to send user dimensions for things like marketing tokens, language preferences, or geographic location.
  • Custom audiences to parse behavior from different user groups. The parameters that define these audiences can be general or highly specific. Beyond using them in GA4 to analyze different user types, they can also be used in Google Ads for retargeting campaigns.
  • Content groups to provide easier analysis of performance across different sections of content on a website.
  • Cross-domain tracking for companies with multiple websites, showing how users browse between these websites, and ensuring that the proper attribution is assigned in the case of cross-site conversions.

Integrations with other platforms

We’re experienced in integrating nearly all auxiliary marketing platforms with your GA4 property to give you the best end product for analyzing your marketing efforts.

  • Google Ads — once your conversions are tracking properly in GA4, we can import them into Google Ads to help optimize your campaigns and bidding strategies. We can also import GA4 custom audiences to greatly enhance your retargeting campaigns.
  • CRMs — we’ve helped hundreds of businesses with automation in their CRMs, but we don’t stop there. Connecting your CRM with Google Analytics gives you an even clearer picture of the entire customer journey, from the first touch to a (potentially offline) conversion.
  • Facebook/Meta Pixel and Conversions API — get to know how your social advertising investment is actually paying off. Beyond simple traffic numbers, we can deliver conversions and revenue data attributable to your social campaigns.
  • BigQuery and other data warehouses — send your GA4 data to BigQuery, PowerBI, or another data warehouse to either store your data forever, or combine with other data sources to greatly expand your analysis capabilities.
  • Call tracking attributes phone call leads to the correct marketing channel. We connect call tracking platforms with GA4 so that your call data is seamlessly integrated with the rest of your website’s data.

Pricing for GA4 Consulting & Configuration

Small Business GA4 Configuration — Starting at $1100*

Some set-ups are simple. Basic GA4 configuration covers websites that require simple event tracking and easy-to-track conversions. 

Ecommerce GA4 Configuration — Starting at $3200

Ecommerce adds complexity to any Analytics configuration. Many large ecommerce platforms like Shopify still don’t have native GA4 support.  We’ll make sure all Ecommerce events are appropriately tracked so you can measure sales performance by channel.

Enterprise GA4 Configuration — Get in touch for pricing

If you have a large web presence with multiple web properties, your Analytics tracking is probably just as complicated. We can help your enterprise set up multiple GA4 properties, custom dimensions, custom event parameters, or any other tracking you require.

Custom Reporting — Starting at $950 per report

We can set up a custom dashboard for your team using Google Looker Studio so you can see real-time performance data. See combined data from multiple channels — GA4, Google Ads, Search Console, Facebook/Instagram Ads, Microsoft Ads, BigQuery, and more.  

GTM Server-Side Implementation — Get in touch for pricing

If you’ve heard about server-side implementation of Google Tag Manager and Analytics but don’t know much about it, we’d love to have a conversation with you to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of moving to a server-side analytics environment. 

*Pricing is dependent on your current GA4 deployment and how much customization is required. For instance, accounts that do not already use Google Tag Manager may have increased migration expenses. 

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