We’ve Leveled Up to Premier Google Partner Status

Premier Google Partner Award.

It arrived quietly on a Saturday—a white, nondescript box that, unknowing to us, contained recognition for the fruits of our labor. It was large and heavy, and no one in the office had seemingly placed a forgotten Amazon Prime order…

Well, as it turns out, our humble agency had been deemed worthy enough to rise in status from being merely a Google Partner to a much more coveted Premier Google Partner.

Inside the box were containers of popcorn (a delicious, Chicago-approved trio of butter, caramel, and cheese, of course) and Google-branded tumblers. Two days later, we received yet another box—same as the first. Large, white, nondescript, and even heavier. google partner bonus treats

After eating a majority of the popcorn included in the aforementioned white box, we wondered the same thing you are likely wondering right now, “What does it all mean?”

And that’s when we noticed the letter, which included a message from Google itself:

“The web has been heralded as the great equalizer for businesses. You help your clients make the most of it, enabling them to stay competitive and thrive online.

In recognition of your dedication to digital media and to keeping your clients on the cutting edge of advertising, we are delighted to announce your new status as a Premier Google Partner.”

– Google

Along with the Google swag, our upgrade also includes a new badge, that is “designed to recognize Partners who manage a substantial portfolio of Google advertising campaigns and deliver great results for their customers. Premier Partners will be required to maintain additional certification requirements and will receive increased support from Google.” Clicking on this badge will then allow you to see exactly in what areas Chicago Style SEO excels when it comes to digital advertising.

As a Premier Partner, we’re proud to boast that our agency has multiple Google AdWords-certified individuals on staff who manage many, high-spend accounts and that we meet the performance requirements by “delivering solid overall AdWords revenue and growth, and maintaining and growing your customer base.”

Our AdWords specialties include all five areas of expertise: Search, Mobile, Video, Display, and Shopping advertising.

Essentially, what this means for our clients is simple— expect even more of the same, excellent service with maintaining your paid search campaigns. Additionally, our newfound increased access to Google reps means that we’ll have more access to Google’s data, better insights and support from Google’s team, and first access to new digital advertising products to keep your campaigns on the cutting edge and to improve our results.

“Our new Premier status proves that we provide sustainable value to our customers, along with the best service possible.”

– Sandy Alford, Paid Search Analyst

If you’re reading this and wondering why we aren’t managing your paid search campaign, don’t fret! Give us a call at (773) 809-5002 to speak with a friendly sales person.

If you are already a client, we thank you!


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