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Open Source Negative Keyword List

We have compiled a list of negative keywords that have been shared with us over the years and want to make sure anyone who needs it has access. Below is several ways you can get the list:

Also, you can make suggestions to be added to this list by filling out this negative keyword suggestion form.


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    1. Missy, good question! It depends on what part of the buying funnel you are targeting. (More info on PPC and buying funnels here.) If you only targeting people who are ready to buy widgets, you wouldn’t want your ads to show up for someone who is searching for “blog about blue widgets” because that person is not ready to buy a widget. Many of the keywords you’ll find in the General tab are intended to make you think about what your goals are. Which part of the buying funnel you are targeting is very important in deciding which negative keywords are going to do you the most good.

  1. Very useful, thank you for your work on this.
    However, I am always thinking on those lists – maybe it is too overzealous to cut all the information seekers like those who search blog or newsletter in case of B2B tech? See, for example, we have B2B products with sales cycle of 6 month or so. naturally, someone who arrives at the first stages of sales funnel also are interesting… so, this question is painful 🙁

    1. Hello Rolands, Two points related to your comment: 1) This list is intended to be used as a starting point. Every time we use the list, we go through it word by word and remove anything that does not fit the goals of campaign. 2) The list does emphasize removing keywords that indicate people are high up in the buying funnel. Again, use the list to help you make decisions—it forces you to think about if you want to target people who are looking for “info” or not.

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