Custom RecTrac Websites

Get a RecTrac solution that takes your parks website up a notch.

Revolutionize your parks and recreation web experience.

We make RecTrac easy to use for both your park district staff and for your residents. And we do it by seamlessly integrating the RecTrac system with a beautiful, easily navigated WordPress website.

Use your RecTrac data to power a full-featured, custom-designed parks & rec website

We combine a beautifully designed WordPress website with RecTrac to create one seamless web experience for the staff and local residents.

Our integration uses data from your RecTrac account to populate content on your website—update a program, event, facility, or team member in RecTrac and your website updates automatically. This saves time for your team, and ensures accuracy for your customers.

Features of our integration

Content flows seamlessly from RecTrac to WordPress

One data source powers everything, so there is no more need to maintain both a website and RecTrac. Updating RecTrac automatically updates your website.

Your team simply updates your data (programs, classes, staff, facilities information, images, etc.) in RecTrac, and all the information is automatically updated on the WordPress website.

Easy-to-find programs for residents

With advanced filtering, map search options, powerful site search, and an easy-to-use navigation, website users can easily find what they’re looking for on your park district website and get signed up through RecTrac.

Powerful, optimized must-publish document system

The list of documents park districts must publish is long: board meeting minutes, RFPs, financials are just a few. Our document system makes it easy to organize these documents and then they are automatically published to whichever pages you want them to on your website. Upload the document once, and it goes everywhere it needs to be.

A park district website that’s optimized for SEO

We’re search engine optimization experts, so you’ll have a website that caters to search engines. This gives your residents yet another way to find what they’re looking for: through

Custom web designs that bring your brand to life

Not only will your website be more organized, easier to manage, and easier to use than ever before, it will also feature a modern design that reflects your organization’s unique brand. We work with your existing brand guidelines, help you refine them, or start from scratch to make your website an organized thing of beauty.

We are able to adapt as needed for our district without having to completely redesign sections of the site. The integration with RecTrac not only saves time from a management standpoint is also ensures we have accurate information for our customers. When programs get updated in RecTrac, so does the website. The integration really helps improve our overall communication with our team and customers.

Kim Smith, Bolingbrook Park District

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