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Optimizing for search starts and ends with your website.

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Business owners often have different ideas of what they want out of an SEO campaign—more traffic, more links, and the classic: ranking #1. When you partner with Pilot, we help you identify the numbers that actually matter for your bottom line and create a strategy to guide your success.

What makes our SEO process better

We always start with research to understand where you are so we can plan where you need to be. We’ll dive deep into your keyword market, competitor strategy, analytics configuration, and your website to put together a plan to capitalize on your SEO opportunities.

Keyword Research

We’ll analyze your keyword market to understand how people search for your products or services.

Market Research

We’ll pick apart your website to look for optimization opportunities, while also analyzing your competitors.

Analytics Audit

We’ll fine tune your analytics account and then set up a baseline and custom Data Studio report to track KPIs.

Their team is sharp, their strategy is effective and they are an absolute pleasure to work with! Pilot has helped to triple the % of our direct and organic web traffic over the past year. They’ve created more engagement and helped to increase our brand awareness.

Karen Lazarus, Director of Development myFace

At Pilot, we approach your SEO from every angle

Technical SEO

Technical SEO can be boring. All that chatter about XML sitemaps, indexation, and JSON breadcrumbs probably has you fighting off a yawn. That’s cool with us—we’re happy to take care of it for you. We analyze your website similarly to how Google does to find opportunities for improvement, so your website can be its best self.  

Optimized Content

You can’t have good SEO without quality content. Content is the backbone of your website. It communicates who you are and what you do to users and search engines. We’ll work with you to make your content better and improve how your business markets itself online.  

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Local SEO

In local marketing, sometimes you have to do more with a limited budget. We get the most out of your budget by identifying the right strategy on the right platforms, whether that’s local ads in Google maps, targeting lookalike audiences on Facebook, or burnishing your online reputation.

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Analytics reporting, in real time.

Don’t settle for cherry-picked data showing you a few keywords that are performing well. We’ll build you a dashboard that gives you a quick performance overview, along with deeper data if you want to dig in further at your performance at a page or even keyword level.

Your report will compare performance over time, tracking organic users, leads, behavioral data, and even phone calls.

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What makes us better at SEO

We care about your business

We start by investing time in understanding your business goals. Every keyword we optimize or landing page we rewrite is meant to improve your business, not just your keyword rankings. You’ll get our best ideas all the time. We’re only satisfied when you’re winning, and we’re working hard when you aren’t.

We have design and development in-house

We can go deeper into your website than most agencies. Our team of developers and designers work with us to optimize your website, whether we’re updating your page templates to create a better landing page or programming an API to integrate your website with your business.

We’re the best SEO consultants in Chicago

Don’t take our word for it. Read some of our case studies to learn how we improve traffic and leads for our clients to an enormous degree.

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