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Ultimate SEO Strategy Leads to 3x More Conversions

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We grew our client’s organic user base by over 268% and increased organic leads by 190%.


Ultimate Toys



Ultimate Toys is known for luxury, one-of-a-kind Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van conversions and other custom luxury vehicles. Ultimate Toys was leading in luxury but lacking direction when it came to SEO. Their old SEO agency was spinning its wheels, building links with very little to show for it. We tapped into their niche keyword market with optimization and website updates that strengthened their SEO.

The challenge

When we first started working with Ultimate Toys, they ranked mostly for branded keywords. While this is great for their brand, it was not reaching the larger population of potential customers who don’t yet know the Ultimate Toys brand. 

Our team knew that we needed to plan for two phases:

  • A new site built by our Web Development team, giving our SEO team the opportunity to rethink the site architecture.
  • Updates in the interim to the existing site, which we would be working with for the first 9 months.

Pilot Digital Marketing has been an invaluable resource for our company. It’s cliche to say that they are more than a vendor but the entire crew at Pilot is invested in OUR success. They treat us like true partners and through their advice and guidance, Ultimate Toys has grown to exceptional heights. We continually see huge advances in our reach thanks to their thoughtful and calculated tutelage. Never content to rest on their laurels, we discuss weekly ideas for improvement on the site and in our digital marketing strategies.

Jeff Zaffron, Chief Marketing Officer

Our approach

Optimizing the Existing Site

In the interim period before the new site build, we started by optimizing the existing site around the client’s product niches. They sell custom Mercedes Sprinter vans, but we knew it would be a long term play to rank for the high-volume general keywords. So, to start, we targeted more niche queries.

This interim strategy started building momentum. We started during their slow season, and still grew traffic 30% in the first few months. By the time the new site launched 11 months later, we had grown traffic by 49%. Their website now dominates for many of their most important search terms:

  • “Custom Sprinter Van” – currently ranking at #1
  • “Custom Mercedes Vans” – currently ranking at #1
  • “Custom 144 Sprinters” – currently ranking at #1
  • “Custom Sprinters” – currently ranking at #2
  • “Luxury Sprinter” – currently ranking at #3
  • “Custom luxury Sprinters” – currently ranking at #8 

Rethinking the site architecture for the new website

  • Our Website Optimization team planned a new site architecture to improve SEO, but also to incorporate growth in their model lineup. They had 7 models at launch, but planned two new product lines within the first year.
  • We created model category views to target the high-level category searches, queries like:
    • “Custom Sprinters”
    • “Sprinter conversions”
  • Since launching the new site only five months ago, organic traffic is up 77% and leads are up 37%
old homepage of
Old homepage
new homepage of
New homepage

This SEO strategy was highly successful, sending tens of thousands of organic users to deeper areas of their site on a yearly basis. Over time, this traffic to their deeper pages helped to improve the authority of the entire domain.

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