6x leads for a storage solutions company

We grew our client’s organic user base by over 215% and increased organic leads by 463%.

Bradford Systems provides custom storage solutions for diverse industries such as museums, libraries, universities, and public safety. They are experts in their field with over 45 years of experience.

Before working with us, they relied heavily on outbound sales, trade shows, and repeat business from architecture firms, general contractors, and end users.

Since beginning work with them in late 2016, our Optimize team has cemented organic search traffic as a large source of business for them.

Organic Sessions Grew 215%

  • 2016: 8623 sessions
  • 2017: 12,536 sessions
  • 2018: 18,572 sessions

Form Leads from Organic Traffic Grew 463%

  • 2016: 65
  • 2017: 224
  • 2018: 366


The client has to compete on two fronts—against manufacturers for whom they’re a vendor, and against competing storage solution firms.

They had plenty of unique content at their disposal (e.g. original high-quality images, interesting projects and case studies, and a proven track record across industries), but it wasn’t being properly leveraged on the website, nor were all of the products they sell or the industries in which they operate being properly represented.


We added pages for key product offerings to attract people searching at a product level. To improve performance for more general, industry-based terms, we focused on improving, expanding and optimizing the content of existing industry pages.

A few more specifics:

  • Keyword Gap Analysis – We compared client keyword goals with existing content to plan a framework for new pages that needed to be created.
  • Category pages – The client had category pages for most industries, but the content was often thin and not well optimized. We increased the depth of industry pages and improved cross-linking to relevant product pages.
  • Technical SEO – The site didn’t have an SSL, and site speed was slow. Our development team worked to cut the page load time in half, and installed an SSL so the website always loads the secure version.

The 236% traffic increase produced a 463% increase in form leads. Our work improving the content not only improved keyword performance that lifted traffic, but it also encouraged more users to reach out to get more information.

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