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Stimulating growth in leads for functional medicine clinic

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PPC & SEO teams combined forces to grow leads per month by over 700%


Downtown Clinic


Functional Medicine, IV Therapy

An established functional medicine clinic in Downtown Chicago came to us in June 2018 with a website that wasn’t producing results. They were surviving solely on brand awareness and needed a jolt to their web-based leads. In an industry where one patient visit can generate thousands of dollars in business, they were willing to invest in SEO and PPC to get more leads.

We built landing pages that did a remarkable job of converting users from Google Ads and in organic search results.

Our results



Growth in leads after year one

  • 36 leads per month in 2018
  • 107 leads per month in 2019


Growth in leads by year three

  • 36 leads per month in 2018
  • 295 leads per month in 2021

The challenge

No Lead Tracking of Any Kind

Before we started working with the client, they had no way of tracking their web leads. Step one for us was to fix this glaring issue. Our Analytics team set up conversion tracking for their forms, and most importantly configured call tracking as phone calls are their main source of business.

Unfortunately, data from the time before we worked with the client does not exist, so our baseline for comparison is our first month of work. 

Technical SEO Issues

When we first started working with the client, their site had some technical SEO issues which had to be addressed. We installed an SSL certificate, worked to improve the site speed, and fixed a number of WordPress theme issues involving mobile usability and JavaScript.

Incomplete or Nonexistent Content for Several Treatments

The client was hoping to make a marketing push for some of their most expensive treatments, but when we began, the content for these treatments was sparse or nonexistent. For example, the website had one page for IV therapy which mentioned all the different types of IV therapies patients can receive. The problem was that each individual IV therapy had, at most, a blurb of content. Some of these therapies treat highly specific conditions and have high demand on their own, and they would require their own landing pages to be successfully marketed.

Our approach

Built landing pages for PPC & SEO

We built landing pages for PPC to target keywords surrounding the treatments the clinic wanted to push, like the IV therapies mentioned above. These pages were created for the Google Ads campaigns, but several ended up serving a dual purpose for SEO after they were indexed and began to rank well organically.

In addition to these dual-purpose pages, we wrote content and created other pages strictly for SEO. The purpose of these pages was to rank organically for several of their services and treatments that were not represented well enough on their website. While these services didn’t necessarily present the same level of immediate return as the terms we were bidding on for PPC, they brought in leads organically and will continue to do so.

The new set of landing pages we created set a new standard for conversion rates on the client’s website, often doubling or tripling the conversion rates of the prior landing pages.

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