Epicor Ecommerce Integration

Sell your products online. Integrate your Epicor ERP system with your website.

Integrate Epicor with WooCommerce to drive B2B Sales

Your ERP is the core of your business. Tap into the power of Epicor by integrating it with your website. Our two-way integration will let data pass seamlessly from Epicor to your website, and from your website to Epicor. 

woocommerce to epicor integration

Epicor to WooCommerce

  • Pull data to populate your ecommerce products
  • Sync images, product titles, and product attributes
  • Sync inventory in real time
  • Sync pricing between Epicor and WooCommerce
  • Automated order status update from Epicor to WooCommerce
  • One-click import fresh data from Epicor to your website
  • Pull customer info, such as company name, contact information, and previous orders
  • Search Epicor data from your website to lookup bill of materials, and other customer information

WooCommerce to Epicor

  • Push transaction data from WooCommerce to Epicor, including customer details, quantity ordered, tax information, transaction IDs, and more.
  • Automatic creation of new customers, or updates to existing customer records

Connecting Epicor to WooCommerce using an API

APIs were designed to push and pull information between data sources. Our programmers will use Epicor’s REST API to send and receive data between WordPress and WooCommerce. This creates a two-way connection between the platforms. 

Use Cases for Epicor Website Integration

Using Epicor to drive better customer service through your website.

Our client wanted to enable customers to find and order spare parts for their custom equipment. We created a connection between Epicor and WordPress that allowed customers to look up their order number, find the bill of materials, and order the parts they needed to keep their operation running. For uncommon parts, we built a “request a quote” feature that notified customer support that a customer was in need of a quote for a rare replacement part.

Using Epicor to drive sales through your website.

Our client is a global manufacturer selling thousands of SKUs and in need of an integrated solution. We connected their Epicor ERP to WooCommerce, syncing product information to their website, and onlines sales to Epicor. We also connected to the Avalara API to provide international tax rates in real time during checkout.

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