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Local Search Volume vs. Global Monthly Search Volume

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Last spring Google added a new column to their keyword tool inside of AdWords: Local Search Volume. We have added this data to the keyword research data we send to our clients. And, as you would expect our clients ask what the difference is between the Local and Global columns.

Local vs. Global Search Volume in Google's Keyword Tool
Local vs. Global Search Volume in Google’s Keyword Tool

What’s the Difference Between Local and Global Search Volume

Local isn’t really all that “local.” It simply takes its data from searches made in your specified country in your specified language. This can be changed easily just above the search box. (See the above image.)

Global Monthly Search Volume means searches for done anywhere in the world in any language.

In the example above, it means that people working in English in the US search for “stuff” less than half as often as everyone else in the world.

Another Example

Am I the only one in the world who hates karaoke?
Am I the only one in the world who hates karaoke?

The word “karaoke” was originally a Japanese word, but has been adopted by many languages to mean, “a past time where drunk people torture each other by pretending they can sing.” In the above example, you can see that “karaoke” is searched for 16.6 million times per month by English speakers in the US, but 30.4 million times globally in all languages.

Why they are searching for it is another question entirely.

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